John Goddard baptised 21.10.1601 in Stopham, son of John and Clemence.

Married Elizabeth Gauler on the 20th May, 1627. Buried 9.5.1651 at Stopham.


Elizabeth baptised 22.2.1627
Will baptised 16.1.1630
Mary baptised 19.1.1631, Buried 25.1.1631
Francis baptised 3.2.1632, Buried 22.2.1632
John baptised 29.12.1635

Henry baptised 8.12.1644, Buried 13.5.1723
Maria baptised 28.1.1645
Phillip baptised 7.2.1646 Buried 13.3.1714
Anna baptised 13.5.1650

All the children were baptised at Stopham

Note: Elizabeth 1 was still on the throne when John was born and he lived through the reigns of two more monarchs – James 1 and Charles 1. A Midsummer Night’s Dream had just had its premier performance the year John was born and the Bodleian library was newly opened. Tea was introduced to England during his lifetime. It was a period of great exploration, with emigration to America and the Caribbean and the development of trade. Some of the great universities were founded.

John and Elizabeth had five children – that we can confirm from the parish records. However Elizabeth’s burial was recorded on the 15th July, 1642. There is no doubt that it was she whose death is recorded, as the parish records note that it was Elizabeth, wife of John Goddard junior. John is recorded as having four more children after her death. The mother of Henry and Philip was also Elizabeth, so he must have married another Elizabeth. I haven’t yet traced that marriage.

The children

Elizabeth married a George Brookefield in 1671, Mary and Frances died in childhood. There is no record of what happened to John and Maria or Anna. An Anne Goddard married in 1672, but it is not possible to tell whether this was Anna, or her cousin Anna, daughter of William. Henry married a Frances and they continued to live in Stopham, and had two children. Frances died in 1679, and Henry in 1723.