Thomas Goddard and Mary Butcher

Thomas Goddard baptised 24th September 1749, at Angmering, son of Robert and Abigail Goddard. Buried on the 5th December 1816 at Angmering, aged 69. Married Mary Butcher on the 5th September 1773 at Findon.


Thomas, born 12.3.1775 at Findon

Note: Thomas was born in the reign of George III. Events during his lifetime included the enclosures of common land, convict settlements established in Australia, the French Revolution, Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and the defeat of Napoleon.

Thomas and Mary were married by banns, published on the 22nd, and 29th August, and the 5th September, 1773. Both were of the parish of Findon, and the witnesses were Geo Holford and Thos. Ward. On a list published during 1773 in Findon of non-parishioners who had certified their respective parishes, the name Thomas Goddard of Angmering is given. This leaves me satisfied that this Thomas is our Thomas from Angmering. Although he may have been working in Findon, should he have become unemployed and unable to keep himself and his family, he would have been returned to his own declared parish of settlement, where they would have had to support him.

Thomas, their son, was born in Findon. I imagine that some time after that they moved back to Angmering, either voluntarily or because they were sent back because they were becoming a drain on the parish of Findon. They do not appear to have had any more children.

Thomas was buried in Angmering on the 5th December, 1816, and his age was given as 69. A Mary Goddard was buried in Angmering on the 10th June, 1786, and this was possibly Thomas’ wife.