A last effort to enjoy some sun before winter! And a week on our own! Not something we have done in a long time really. Donna had been under a lot of pressure with her work since the spring of this year, and we both badly felt in need of a break.

Booking a hotel on the internet is always something of a risk. Even though we read other people’s reviews of the hotel and the beach, could we really be sure that it would be what we were looking for? However the whole of this side of the island is stunning, and the hotel is well situated around a small bay, surrounded by steep hills and cliffs. The geography of the area  means that the hotel, rather than being a tall impersonal ‘block’, spreads up the sides of the hill in a number of bungalows and small apartments. In a similar way, there were three pools in the different sections of the hotel, so we nothing felt crowded and the whole area had a feeling of space.

The bay, although quite small, benefitted from not having other hotels nearby and I was quite surprised by how clear the water was and the quantity and variety of fish so near to the shore.

We hired a car for two days and drove to the old town of Corfu, where we enjoyed looking around the old fort and seeing the beautiful white stone monastery jutting out into the sea. (Just at the end of the runway). With lots of tight hairpin bends, the narrow roads were something of a challenge.

The local people have been delightful, and really friendly and helpful. We would definitely come again.